Build Smart Restaurants

Helping restaurants thrive in the digital age, PinOn's Smart Menu allows your customers to view an enhanced menu on their mobile phones and improves their dining experience.

Click the yellow button and we'll reach out to set up a demo customized for your establishment.

No more, "I'm sorry, we're out."

Last minute menu changes are easy to make with our "live menu." Customers see updated dish details when they are ready to order.

I never had insight into who my customers were and what they wanted before PinOn. It lets me keep my menu up-to-date, increases my customer satisfaction and helps me run my restaurant.

 - Justin Springer, co-owner of Rhythm 'n Wraps, Boston, MA

Your Menu.  Just Smarter.

Improve the dining experience for everyone..

Create the perfect menu system

Promote your highest profit menu items. Learn about your customers' purchasing behavior. Allow them to reorder their favorite dishes with the click of a button.