Let’s Get Augmented!

Welcome! I Klinbert Garcia, Head of Growth at your local Boston startup PinOn, would love to explain more on what is augmented reality. We created an augmented reality and created a social augmented reality restaurant engagement app. 

Remember Pokémon Go?

This article is being posted in 2018, who knows what augmented reality technology will exist within the next one hundred years – but from existing technology that exists today, it is fair to say that it will involve the enhancement of human connections. We can think of Pokémon Go’s viral success when it was launched. Why was it a success? In my opinion, it took what was amazing about the Pokémon franchise and made it a reality.  The reality of capturing your favorite critters and to embark on an adventure with your friends. Pokémon with successful cartoon shows, video games, and playing cards, it can be said that it was already in all the existing channels it needed to be to spread its brand awareness of Gotta Catch Em All, which is their famous slogan. Pokémon Go’s augmented reality was launched in 2016, fast forward two years now, and you can still find it in the top charts on available phone app stores today.

But why did augment reality go viral?

To place ourselves in the reason why it was a hit in 2016, let’s place ourselves in one of their fan’s mind. The best part about the impact that Pokémon Go has created since it’s launch is that the all players can be seen engaging with the real world, whether it be going to the park, the city, or a neighbor’s house, you can tell from a distance if a player is capturing a Pokémon if they are walking around scanning the area with their camera and then immediately start swiping up to capture a Pokémon on the sidewalk, bus station, or anywhere that gives them access to the internet. The journalist Jason Henry describes Pokémon Go’s idea best.

Jason wrote, “uses a combination of ordinary technologies built into smartphones, including location tracking and cameras, to encourage people to visit public landmarks, seeking virtual loot and collectible characters that they try to nab.”

The augmented reality technology is sometimes confused with virtual reality. The key difference is that virtual reality involves all senses to be digitally created. Whereas augmented, adds digital images on to what we see with the camera app.


What is the PinOn App?

Watch video!


What is like partnering with PinOn?

Participating restaurants will have a PinOn sticker on their store window to share. The sticker lets potential customers that your location is active in PinOn and they most likely will enter to play and win a discount!  Next, when a customer sits and looks over the menu, on the table will be a PinOn 3D poster to scan with their phone. The poster mentions the ability to play solo or with your friends. The augmented reality is seamless and like Pokémon Go, it encourages you to share your gameplay with your friends. To get the discount for the next time restaurant visit, customers will need to first share it on social media!

How exciting! Augmented reality has now made it capable for your adventurous foodie or average customer, win a discount, and have fun at the same time! For more context, below is a video to illustrate the scenario of PinOn. We all wait for our food, let’s have fun while we wait.

If you are excited about our technology and would love to reach it out, make sure to go on the about page on our website. Be sure be on the lookout for our augmented reality game to be released in this Fall in restaurants near you.

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